Let’s go..

Blogging is fun

..is the opinion from a lot of people and also mine.

A long time  I was checking out all the different blogs all over the world and think it’s very exciting to see all the different people in different countries posting their personal definitions of fashion, lifestyle and other nice things.

It is very versatile and inspiring to read or see the opinions and ideas, to follow what other reader think about it and how it is getting commented or judged.

So now I also want top e a part of this kind of world and for all the others around.

My blog thorughsunglasses.de shall include fashion and lifestyle as well, but also things in my life which I experienced, which interesting book I read and everything else that is going around in my life.

Throughsunglasses bases on my passion for the sun J I feel best when the sun is shining, I complete almost every outfit with sunglasses. I love bella Italia and live for the summer. Sun Is making the life easier.

So, I hope you will also follow my blog and make me a member in the virtual world of fashion. Hope for a lot of encouragement, proposals or of course critic and fun. That is the important thing.



Shirt: Only, Rock: H&M, Schuhe: Mexx, Sonnenbrille: ray ban, Jacke: von meinem Bruder

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